"Mesmerizingly unclassifiable" LA Times "Unsurpassed brilliance" Artillery Magaz

"But, what poured forth from Timur and his genius mates (including Daniel Corral, genius in his own right), was dark, steely (yes, a little ‘industrial,’ too), also chromatic, slashing, soaring and brilliant. It didn’t hurt that Timur was in especially fine voice – taking the near baritone-lows and soaring mezzo/soprano highs with unsurpassed clarity and brilliance." Ezrha Jean Black, Artillery Magazine "The mesmerizingly unclassifiable Timur Bekbosunov." "Accompanied by his hard-rocking band, Dime Museum, Bekbosunov fabulously belted the two songs from Little's "Artaud in the Black Lodge" (with texts by Beat poet Anne Waldman) that enigmatically delve into the twisted edges of William Burro

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