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"Operatic, post-punk, cabaret, torch-song tenor" LA Weekly

Timur and the Dime Museum are getting to be regulars on the REDCAT stage: Their star turns, cameos and original presentations embody the edgy, witty, musical-theater experimentation that the venue champions. Fitting, then, that the world premiere of COLLAPSE happens at REDCAT. Featuring the operatic, post-punk, cabaret, torch-song tenor and hypnotic theatrics of frontman Timur Bekbosunov, the Dime Museum backs him with an aural array of samples/accordion/keys, guitar, bass and drums. As always, they're more than just a band; they are onstage characters in the passion play. COLLAPSE is a haunting and hyperbolic song cycle, which functions as a requiem for the environment, a lament for humanity's tragic hubris and, of course, a love story. With video projections live-mixed by artist Jesse Gilbert, inimitable apocalypse-couture costumes by the Bohemian Society, and a different live musical act in the lounge before each show, expect something epic and ornately austere, more experience than entertainment, more entertaining than the end of the world, tinged with romance and desire.

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