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"[Timur] is a wild, riveting performer who wields his powerful voice with heavy metal abandon&q

"Little’s vocal muse for this project is Timur Bekbosunov, a classically trained opera singer and frontman for the genre-defying L.A.-based rock band Timur and the Dime Museum.

Bekbosunov is a wild, riveting performer who wields his powerful voice with heavy metal abandon and embodies over-the-top characters like a glam rocker. He is the only soloist in “Artaud in the Black Lodge,” singing the parts of Artaud, Burroughs and Lynch.

Little is composing the piece specifically with Timur and the Dime Museum in mind, adding only a string quartet for color. (The Isaura String Quartet performs this weekend.)

He is also taking artistic cues from the drama’s subjects.

“For a work that is so about the subconscious and artists that pursued the subconscious, it would be really weird for me to not trust the subconscious in my own process,” he says. “So I’m sitting back, observing and seeing what the work says.”

Little describes entering a sort of meditative state of flow as he creates. His materials are similar to those used in “Dog Days” –– unnerving electric drones and a dark industrial blend of amplified strings and heavy metal –– and his process is highly intuitive.

Morrison says she is excited to “explore the experimental side of David T. Little,” and that the result, at least the bits she’s seen thus far, are “totally weird.”

“Imagine if Artaud, Burroughs and Lynch decided to open an industrial nightclub,” Bekbosunov says, trying to explain the piece’s bizarre surrealist concept. “And then imagine that nightclub has this really crazy, wild house band. And also the nightclub is set in hell.”

The singer bursts into laughter at his own description. “Unfortunately, there are no cups of coffee and no pie in the production,” he adds. “But I do love pies. So I will probably have one after the show.”

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