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"Charismatic tenor" LA Weekly

Back home amid the art-music-fashion cross-pollination of downtown L.A., it was almost inevitable that Wilde would cross paths with the charismatic tenor Timur Bekbosunov and his band, The Dime Museum; as he had with so many musicians, Wilde would later dress and style them for videos and photo shoots. But before any of that, within minutes of meeting him, as Bekbosunov describes it, "I immediately pitched him Collapse," a "post-ecological requiem" produced by Beth Morrison Projects for REDCAT in 2014. "At our very first meeting he made a spontaneous draft on a napkin as to what my three costumes should be," Bekbosunov recalls. "He seems to always know what he wants from the beginning, but then things evolve..."

The clothes became a spectacular and striking element of the production. While the band members were attired in variations on the burned, melted-down, smoky elements that are a Wilde specialty, tailored to their "post-apocalyptic" specifications, Bekbosunov moved between a dramatic goth priest look, a spectacular slashed and brocaded suit of fire, and a half dress suit/half bustier-and-petticoat getup to marry the sexes.

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