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“Extravagantly transgressive tenor with a stratospheric voice” Mark Swed, LA TIMES


Profiled in LA Weekly’s special edition of BEST OF LA PEOPLE 2011, East Asian-American TIMUR collaborated with many celebrated composers, including David T. Little (Black Lodge), Thomas Adès (Powder Her Face), Evan Ziporyn (A House in Bali, Oedipus), Louis Andriessen (Theater of the World), Vera Ivanova (The Double), David Lang (Anatomy Theater), Michael Gordon (Acquanetta), Anne LeBaron (Crescent City, LSD, Silent Steppe Cantata), Daniel Corral (Collapse, Zoophilic Follies), Mohammed Fairouz (Pierrot), Silvano Bussotti (Silvano), Kate Moore (The Dam), Erling Wold (Uksus), Veronika Krausas (Hopscotch), John Kennedy (One Body), Tobias Picker (An American Tragedy), Dave Soldier (Naked Revolution), Nathan Barr (Hulu's The Great), Charles Bernstein (To Beauty),  Joel Goldsmith (Sonnet), Nick Urata (Ruby Sparks).

The Opera of Timur Productions Opera





A sci-fi show about the enigmatic Klaus, an operatic alien on a mission to save humanity from certain doom, filled with playful songs, eccentric comedy in a pulsating night club atmosphere.  Buckle up for an unforgettable and bumpy ride on a makeshift spaceship with the exciting new arrangements of Klaus Nomi's hits, curated by his songwriter Kristian Hoffman.

Produced by Powers Be Productions, the show is created by Timur, co-directed by Sandra Powers, and performed by Timur as Klaus and Matthew Setzer as Ground Kontrol at O. Festival 2023 in Rotterdam on May 17 & 18. ​Originally commissioned by Julien Chavaz and NOF for the Klanggg_Music Theater Festival 2021 in Fribourg, Switzerland. 

A cult icon of the early 1980s, Klaus Nomi was strikingly unique operatic performer, whose fans included David Bowie, Nina Hagen, Marc Almond, Lady Gaga, and classical composers Olga Neuwirth, Thomas Adès and John Adams.

Timur and Matthew Setzer



“...Every register, moan to scream, is handled with indefatigable goth aplomb by the charismatically wailing Timur, the film’s star [Black Lodge]

and frontman of the band.” Zachary Wolfe, New York Times

"[Timur] is a singer too multi-dimensional for mere 3-D sensibility. What we are left with in the hour-long song cycle is Timur. He moves from bass to falsetto. He embodies centuries’ worth of musical styles. He is nastily seductive, dangerous even. Timur flabbergasts from first to last." Mark Swed, LA Times

"The indescribably wonderful...lead singer Timur Bekbosunov has been compared to a symphony hall of great vocal talents, from Björk to David Bowie to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, and his incredible vocal range, dynamic and compelling stage persona, and orchestra are as big as all that." Chris Nichols, LA Magazine

 "Timur Bekbosunov, frontman of the glam rock band Timur and the Dime Museum, is an operatic tenor with a remarkably protean instrument—in “Black Lodge,” he sounds alternately like a baroque countertenor, a baritone, a rocker and a crooner." Heidi Waleson, The Wall Street Journal

Black Lodge | Little (USA)- "[Timur] has three voices in one person and can handle the demanding music...bravura performances" Richard Sasanow, Broadway World; "A startlingly beautiful rock opera" "Jason Weisberger, Boing Boing; "Unsurpassed brilliance" Ezrha Jean Black, Artillery; "Mesmerizingly unclassifiable" Mark Swed, LA Times; "A captivating frontman... embodying the spirit of Burroughs" Brin Solomon, New Classic LA; "Combines classical with industrial goth" Peter Crimmins, WHYY; "One dark opera" A.D. Amorosi, Philadelphia Weekly; "Strong voice, swooping from vulnerable tenor to baritone rockstar swagger", Kurt Gottschalk, Bachtrack; "This s**t isn’t for everybody" Michael Talbot-Haynes, Film Threat; "A mashup of musical styles that absolutely worked together" Living Life Fearless

"Timur is a charmer right through the costuming... really carries the performance with a lot of energy and commitment. ...All that glitter and kitsch were also intended to pack depth." Neil van der Linden, Theaterkrant.

BEST OF LA 2011 edition, selected by LA Weekly - Timur: The Reform Tenor. Profiled by Erika Zora Wrightston , LA Weekly